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Thirty years of experience and professionalism

Anetrini is a company founded in the nineties as a sole proprietorship, and which today continues to surprise with the excellence of its catalogue. The company has stood out since day one for the professionalism of its founder, but also for the commitment and skill of his children, specialized in the study of nut and shelled fruit processing systems. The reliability of its products has made it a leading company in its sector of expertise, capable of obtaining consensus both in Italy and beyond national borders.

What distinguishes the work carried out by the activity is its completeness, as the company takes care of every phase of production: it always starts from the study that leads to the design of the agricultural machinery from Carbognano and once certain details have been established, we move on to the operational phase, where the creation, assembly and installation are carried out production agricultural machinery. real. The buyer is supported step by step and is never left alone in case of need, as demonstrated by the technical support guaranteed over time and the excellent after-sales assistance granted to customers. The high customization of the product is a consequence of the inspection and the artisanal approach.

Production of agricultural machinery and equipment

Highly customizable instruments

Anetrini then transformed from a sole proprietorship into a limited company, making product customization its strong point. The expansion of the team towards the fruit and vegetable and food sector is combined with the creation of agricultural machinery tailor-made, customizable according to the requests and specific needs of the customer. This is also what has decreed the success of a company that knows how to meet the needs of a vast clientele. The headquarters are located in the industrial area of the Capannelle area, in Carbognano, in the province of Viterbo, near provincial road 36. The constant search for new solutions ensures that the company proceeds along a path of continuous innovation; we take advantage of thirty years of experience which has allowed us to develop an interesting modus operandi, to perfect a constructive and profitable attitude day by day. Thanks to the seriousness and determination of the staff, the business continues to achieve success, satisfying the expectations of buyers. The operating method is progressively improved by taking on the challenge and thus achieving greater competitiveness on the market, also thanks to the convenience expressed by tariffs in tune with those of today's market and an excellent relationship between quality and price.

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