Softener Anetrini sas: innovation in the treatment of dried chestnuts to make them edible

Anetrini sas, a company specialized in the creation of machinery for industry and agriculture, has always offered latest generation machinery in the field of dried chestnut processing such as the softener.

This technologically advanced device offers an effective solution for rehydrating dried chestnuts and making them edible.

The Anetrini sas softener: the rehydration process of dried chestnuts

The Anetrini sas softener is designed to rehydrate dried chestnuts, making them soft and edible.

The rehydration process occurs through a soaking system, consisting of a loading system and a soaking tank with a slowly rotating rotary screen. Below are the main stages of the process:

1. Loading system

The dried chestnuts are introduced into the softener via a specially designed loading system. This system guarantees constant feeding of the chestnuts in the soaking tank, allowing uniform and continuous treatment.

2. Soaking tank with rotating screen

The chestnuts continuously loaded into the softener as they advance through the soaking machine gradually rehydrate, absorbing the water necessary to restore their soft and edible consistency.

3. Drainage of outgoing water

Once the rehydration process is complete, the water is drained from the soaking tub via a drain system. This allows you to remove the water easily.

Advantages of using the Anetrini sas softener

The use of the Anetrini sas softener offers numerous advantages to companies in the treatment of dried chestnuts. Here are the main advantages:

1. Quality of the final product

The Anetrini sas softener ensures the maximum quality of the final product. Thanks to the rehydration process, dried chestnuts regain their soft and edible consistency without compromising their quality. This allows us to obtain excellent quality chestnuts, ready to meet consumer expectations.

2. Production efficiency

The Anetrini sas softener offers optimized operational efficiency. The softener can handle volumes of dried chestnuts quickly and continuously. This allows you to optimize the rehydration process and reduce production times to a minimum.

3. Customization of the process

The Anetrini sas softener offers the possibility of customizing the rehydration process based on the specific needs of each company. It is possible to adjust the soaking duration to obtain optimal results in terms of consistency and quality of the treated chestnuts.

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