Chestnut processing plant

Chestnut processing systems

Anetrini: Chestnut processing plant

Designed to optimize the process and ensure flawless results.

Customization for your needs

In the created system there is:

a sorting system with an opening and closing cover, which protects the chestnut hopper from atmospheric events. This innovative design ensures a safe and secure working environment, improving the efficiency and life of the system.

Subsequently the chestnuts are transported by the elevation belt into the pre-cleaner equipped with a rotating part. This part separates the chestnuts from foliage, soil, empty chestnuts and hedgehogs, ensuring a very high quality product.

We then move on to the pre-cleaning machine. Subsequently the chestnuts are transported to the sorting belt where they are subjected to a further selection process, with specialized workers who separate the stones and the wormy, ensuring a perfectly clean product.

Subsequently, the chestnuts are conveyed towards a caliper which separates them by diameter. This phase allows us to obtain a homogeneous and precise selection, ideal for responding to the different needs of the market.

Continuing in our plant, the chestnuts enter a second machine made up of a container hopper and another sorting belt. This phase allows further selection and preparation of the chestnuts.

Finally, to guarantee an impeccable final product, the chestnuts are directed towards the brushing machine. This process ensures the removal of any unwanted residue, leaving the chestnuts ready to conquer the market with their irresistible taste.

Reliability and quality

Thanks to the experience and attention to detail of our team, Anetrini machinery is synonymous with reliability and superior performance.

Choosing Anetrini means investing in quality and efficiency, increasing productivity and reaching new standards of excellence in chestnut processing.

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