Shelling machine and shelling systems for hazelnuts: the innovation of Anetrini sas for efficient fruit division

Anetrini sas, a company specialized in the creation of machines for industry and agriculture, offers its customers a vast choice of machines in the field of hazelnut processing such as shelling machines and shelling systems.

These technologically advanced devices offer an effective solution for separating fruits from their shells, enabling efficient and high-quality processing.

The shelling machine and shelling systems for hazelnuts by Anetrini sas

The shelling machine and hazelnut shelling systems from Anetrini sas represent a cutting-edge solution for the efficient separation of fruits from their shells.

These devices have been designed taking into account the needs of farms that wish to maximize yield and quality in hazelnut processing. Below are their main characteristics:

  1. Advanced shelling technology

The Anetrini sas hazelnut shelling machines use advanced technology to obtain precise shelling with a minimum of fruit breakage. These machines are able to open the hazelnut shells, minimizing the formation of fruit debris, guaranteeing greater yield and superior quality.

2. Operational efficiency and high production capacity

Anetrini sas shelling machines offer optimized operational efficiency and high production capacity. These machines are able to handle large quantities of hazelnuts quickly and continuously, allowing companies to increase their productivity and respond promptly to market demand.

3. System of dividing fruits from shells

In addition to shelling, Anetrini sas machines also include a system for dividing fruit from shells. This system separates the fruits from unwanted parts of the shells, ensuring that only high-quality fruits are selected for the next processing step. This helps ensure the purity and quality of the processed hazelnuts.

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