Skimmer for pistachios and chestnuts: the innovation of Anetrini sas for quality selection

Anetrini sas, a company specialized in the production of agricultural machinery, is proud to offer its customers innovative machinery such as the skimmer for pistachios and chestnuts.

This technologically advanced device offers the possibility of separating high quality pistachios and chestnuts from damaged ones using water and specific weight.

The fruits that float are considered spoiled, while those that sink are of excellent quality and are extracted for use.

The skimmer for pistachios and chestnuts by Anetrini sas

The Anetrini sas pistachio and chestnut skimmer represents an advanced solution for the careful selection of quality fruits.

This device is equipped with cutting-edge technical features that make it indispensable for agricultural and processing companies that wish to guarantee the highest quality of their products.
The main features of the Anetrini sas pistachio and chestnut skimmer:

  1. Accurate selection using water and specific weight
The skimmer uses the flotation principle to separate superior quality pistachios and chestnuts from damaged ones. Thanks to the water and the specific weight of the fruits, it is possible to obtain an accurate selection based on their physical characteristics. Spoiled pistachios or chestnuts will tend to float, while good quality ones will sink and be removed for later use.

2. Operational efficiency and high production capacity

The Anetrini sas skimmer is designed to guarantee operational efficiency and high production capacity. Thanks to its ergonomic design and advanced technical solutions, this device is able to handle large quantities of pistachios and chestnuts quickly and efficiently. This allows companies to improve productivity and respond to market demand in a timely manner.

3. Ease of use and maintenance

The Anetrini sas skimmer was designed with the aim of offering ease of use and maintenance. Its functions are intuitive and the components are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance operations. This ensures an optimal user experience and greater operational efficiency in the long term.

Advantages of using the skimmer for pistachios and chestnuts

The use of the Anetrini sas skimmer for pistachios and chestnuts offers numerous advantages to agricultural companies in the sector. The main advantages are listed below:

1. Better quality of final products
Thanks to the careful selection carried out by the skimmer, companies can guarantee the best quality of their pistachios and chestnuts. This helps to preserve the brand's image and meet the expectations of the most demanding customers looking for high-quality products.
2. Reduction of waste and costs
Separating damaged pistachios and chestnuts allows companies to reduce waste and costs associated with processing and marketing poor-quality fruit. This leads to greater overall profitability and more efficient management of resources.
3. Optimization of production and production times
The adoption of the skimmer for pistachios and chestnuts allows companies to optimize the production process and processing time. The ability to handle large volumes of fruit quickly and efficiently translates into greater productivity and compliance with delivery times and product quality.

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