Scoring machine for fresh chestnuts: the advanced solution from Anetrini sas for the roasted chestnuts sector

Anetrini sas, a leading company in the production of high quality machinery for industry and agriculture, offers its customers: the engraving machine for fresh chestnuts.

This technologically advanced device offers the possibility of making a mass incision on chestnuts, making them ready for roasting chestnuts. Thanks to its efficient and precise processing capacity, the Anetrini sas fresh chestnut engraver proves to be an indispensable companion for companies that produce frozen semi-finished products already engraved and ready for cooking.

Main features of the fresh chestnut scoring machine
The Anetrini sas fresh chestnut scoring machine has been designed to offer optimal performance and high quality results in the preparation of chestnuts for roasted chestnuts. This device is equipped with a number of advanced features that make it the ideal choice for simplifying and optimizing the chestnut carving process. Its main features include:
  1. Processing efficiency

The engraving machine for fresh chestnuts from Anetrini sas is capable of engraving a large number of chestnuts quickly. Thanks to its ergonomic design and innovative technical solutions, this device can handle large quantities of chestnuts efficiently, minimizing downtime and increasing overall productivity.

2. Accuracy and uniformity

The Anetrini sas engraver guarantees a precise engraving on each chestnut. Thanks to the advanced control of the processing parameters and the precision of its mechanical components, thus guaranteeing a high quality finished product.

3. Ease of use and maintenance

Anetrini sas has developed the carving machine for fresh chestnuts with particular attention to usability and maintenance.

This device was designed to be intuitive to use and requires minimal maintenance. Furthermore, the components are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance operations, ensuring greater operational efficiency in the long term.

Advantages of the fresh chestnut engraver
  1. Greater productivity and efficiency
The fresh chestnut engraver allows companies to process a significant number of chestnuts in less time, thus improving overall productivity. This translates into an increase in production capacity and the possibility of satisfying market demand quickly and efficiently.

2. Quality

Thanks to the Anetrini sas engraving machine, companies can offer products ready for cooking, eliminating the inconvenient, costly and slow phase of manual pre-cooking engraving.

3. Reduction of operating costs

The automation of the chestnut carving process allows us to reduce the dependence on manual labor, thus reducing overall operating costs. Furthermore, the greater production efficiency allows you to optimize the use of available resources, helping to improve the company's profitability.

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