Manipulator pliers for mini swimming pool shells

Manipulator pliers for mini swimming pool shells. Advanced Anetrini handling solution


QThis technologically advanced device allows the precise and safe movement of hydromassage tubs and mini pools in different contexts.

With its ability to move horizontally, vertically and 360 degrees rotationally, the manipulator gripper is an ideal solution for simplifying the transportation of these bulky structures.

Main features of the mini pool shell manipulator pliers


The handling clamp for mini swimming pool shells by Anetrini sas has been designed to offer high efficiency and safety in the handling of hydromassage tubs and mini swimming pools even in the production phase.

This device is equipped with a series of advanced features that make it an indispensable companion for those who work in the industrial and production sector. Its main features include:

  • Horizontal, vertical movement and 360 degree rotation

The Anetrini sas manipulator clamp allows you to move hydromassage tubs and mini pools with extreme precision thanks to its multidirectional movement.
The horizontal movement capability allows you to precisely position the object to be lifted, while the vertical movement allows you to adjust the desired height.
Plus, the 360-degree rotation feature allows you to position the hot tub or mini pool in any direction you want. This versatility of movement allows operators to easily manage even loading and unloading operations in narrow or difficult to access spaces.

  • Intuitive joystick control
The Anetrini sas manipulator gripper is designed to offer intuitive and precise control. Thanks to the use of a joystick, operators can manage the movement of the manipulator gripper with ease and precision. The joystick allows you to precisely adjust the height, direction and rotation of the object, ensuring a safe and efficient handling experience.

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