Iron remover anetrinos

Anetrini plant for cleaning hazelnuts

Advanced Iron Remover Solutions for the Elimination of Ferrous Foreign Bodies

The Anetrini iron remover is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, specially designed for the effective elimination of ferrous foreign bodies.

Thanks to the use of high-intensity magnets, ferrous foreign bodies are captured and removed from the material flow, ensuring clean and safe processing.

Excellence in Industrial Processing

Anetrini is synonymous with excellence in industrial processing.

With the Anetrini iron remover, you can optimize your production processes and guarantee quality products very high quality, free from ferrous contamination. This attention to detail and purity of the products will allow you to stand out in the market and retain your customers.

Customization and Customer Support

Anetri offers customized solutions, adapted to your production needs. Anetrini's team of experts is always available to provide specialized technical support, assisting you in the installation, optimization and management of the machinery or plant to obtain optimal results.

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