Anetrini plant, dry cleaning on hazelnut trailer

Anetrini plant for cleaning hazelnuts

Anetrini system for dry cleaning on compact trailer composed of: receiving hopper, cleaning sieve belt, air cleaner, dry stone removal system, foldable belt during transport for loading trailers with clean hazelnuts which can be used directly in the field.

Anetrini Dry Cleaning Plant on Compact Trailer: Innovation for Hazelnut Processing Directly in the Field

Discover the innovative Anetrini dry cleaning system on a compact trailer, a cutting-edge solution for processing hazelnuts directly in the field.

Consisting of a receiving hopper, a cleaning sieve belt, an air cleaner and a dry stone removal system with foldable transport belt, this system offers an efficient and cost-effective approach to hazelnut cleaning. 

Processing Directly in the Field with the Compact Trailer

The Anetrini dry cleaning plant on a compact trailer offers a practical and efficient solution for processing hazelnuts directly in the field.

Thanks to its compact and mobile configuration, it is possible to transport the system easily and use it directly where the hazelnuts are harvested, reducing transport times and costs.

Anetrini cutting-edge technologies for meticulous cleaning

The plant is equipped with cutting-edge technologies to ensure meticulous cleaning of the hazelnuts.

The receiving hopper allows for easy fruit harvesting, while the cleaning sieve belt ensures accurate selection, eliminating impurities and foreign bodies.

The air cleaner offers thorough cleaning, eliminating foliage and other light impurities, ensuring maximum quality.

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