Anetrini plant, cleaning and drying of hazelnuts

Anetrini plant for cleaning hazelnuts

Hazelnut Cleaning and Drying Plant: Discover Excellence with Anetrini

The Anetrini cleaning system is designed with cutting-edge technologies, guaranteeing a precise and meticulous selection of hazelnuts.

Thanks to the use of advanced screening and cleaning systems, each hazelnut is freed from impurities, dust and unwanted residues, ensuring a final product of the highest quality.

Maximum Efficiency in Hazelnut Drying

Drying hazelnuts is a crucial step to preserve their freshness and organoleptic properties. The Anetrini drying plant offers an efficient, controlled and delicate process, ensuring that the hazelnuts retain their natural flavor and nutritional value.

With cutting-edge techniques, drying times are reduced to a minimum, ensuring optimal production.

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