Anetrini system, with strip elevator belt for cleaning hazelnuts

Anetrini plant for cleaning hazelnuts

System made with strip elevator belt, cleaning sieve, air cleaner, washing tank and elevator belts which loads and unloads the hazelnut dryer.

Anetrini, hazelnut plants with cutting-edge technologies

The Anetrini facilities are synonymous with innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The slatted elevator belt offers smooth handling of hazelnuts, ensuring a constant and uninterrupted flow in the production process. The cleaning sieve ensures careful selection of hazelnuts, eliminating impurities and foreign bodies that could compromise the quality of the final product.

Efficient Cleaning and Drying

The air cleaner is a key component in Anetrini's plants, as it uses high pressure air to remove dust and waste from the hazelnuts.

This advanced cleaning process is essential to ensure maximum hygiene and purity of the product. The washing tank, however, contributes to further levels of cleaning and preparation of the hazelnuts for the drying phase.

Elevator Belt Systems for Continuous Flow

The Anetrini plants are designed to optimize the efficiency of the manufacturing processes.

The use of elevator belt systems allows automatic loading and unloading of the dryer, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted work flow. This translates into greater productivity and less downtime.

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