Anetrini plant cleaning and drying hazelnuts

Anetrini plant for cleaning and drying hazelnuts

Anetrini plant built with:

Slatted elevator belt that feeds a VP2000, PA400 VL Standard, NTM2V, elevator belt for loading and unloading while standing on wheels with height adjustment kit that feeds into the load and allows unloading of an EN150 dryer.

Anetrini, construction of systems for cleaning and drying hazelnuts

Our systems are the ideal choice for hazelnut producers looking for innovative solutions to optimize processing processes. 

Improve your processes with our highly innovative machinery.

Cutting-edge Technologies for Cleaning Hazelnuts

Cleaning the hazelnuts is a critical phase in the manufacturing process. At Anetrini Impianti we offer cutting-edge solutions to ensure that hazelnuts are freed from impurities, dust and other residues. Thanks to the use of advanced selection and cleaning systems, our systems guarantee a very high quality result, increasing the yield and profitability of crops.

Slatted Elevator Belt: Efficiency in Anetrini Movement

The Anetrini plant includes a slatted elevator belt, designed for smooth, hitch-free handling.

This technology allows for regular loading of materials into the plant, ensuring uniform distribution of components in subsequent production processes.

Thanks to this solution, the workflow is optimized, reducing machine downtime and maximizing productivity.

Customer Service and Support

We are committed to providing comprehensive service to our customers. In addition to the design and construction of the systems, our company offers a highly professional assistance and support service.

Our team of specialized technicians is always available to guarantee flawless installation and to resolve any technical problems. This customer-oriented approach guarantees successful collaboration and maximum satisfaction.

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